Who are we?

Skinsitiv was set up with the aim of supporting people through sensitive skin conditions using naturally calming botanical ingredients. If you are suffering from itchy, sensitised, irritable or easily offended skin, then this is for you.

At a time when your body is reacting to everything, the last thing you want to do is add to any toxic overload. Skinsitiv is all about caring for sensitive skin, and sharing the natural ingredients that can help calm irritation and re-balance the skins natural barrier function.

The objective is to sooth, nourish and protect skin that has been damaged or sensitised. The ethos is about avoiding all known irritants and hormone disrupters, and searching out instead the most calming, effective and nutritious plant based ingredients.

Sharing Knowledge

I will be sharing information on triggers and ingredients to avoid, as well as natural botanical ingredients that help calm and protect.
We will be sharing experiences of Rosacea, post-chemo skin and eczema, and what works for you.

Ultimately, helping you to help yourself, naturally.