We have all heard of being as ‘cool as a cucumber’ and using slices of cucumber for calming the eyes, so it is well known as a soothing, cooling ingredient. That already sounds like it has great potential for hot, irritated skin. But did you know that cucumber oil is also strengthening to both skin and hair, while its unusually high level of phytosterols help strengthen the skin’s barrier function? So, what about Cucumber oil for Rosacea prone skin?

Distressed skin conditions are often a result of a weak or damaged skin barrier function. A healthy skin barrier helps our bodies keep the dangerous stuff out and the good stuff in. When it is compromised, we are prone to infection, bacterial overgrowth, excess dryness, irritation from anything put on the skin and more. So, rebuilding a damaged skin barrier is essential to start healing the skin and reducing irritation.


I call Cucumber Seed oil THE STRENGTHENER. A smooth, soft, delicate and light-weight oil with a dry silky feel, it has a clear light yellow colour and mild fresh aroma. The oil is cold pressed from the dried seeds of the cucumber and contains a very high level of Linoleic Acid which is also particularly beneficial for a healthy skin barrier.

Look for Cucumis Sativus Seed Oil on the label. It’s the same thing. This is just its legal name for cosmetics packaging.


Everyone. It can be used for all skin types, even oily as it is a light-weight, dry oil and great for reducing pore size.

It is particularly useful for people with dry or sensitive skin conditions, and a great choice for revitalising mature skin.


Strengthens the skin’s barrier function

Cucumber Seed Oil contains an unusually high level of Omega 6 Linoleic Acid.

Linoleic Acid is an essential fatty acid crucial to the healthy functioning of the skins barrier function. It actively supports the cell membrane structures in the skin, and helps the skin to fight infection. If you have ever felt the stinging of a cosmetic product on sensitive skin, you will know that it feels like something is getting through your skin that shouldn’t. The same as when you have a cut and everything that touches it stings. There is no protection, no barrier. A healthy barrier protects against this.

Strengthens skin structure

It is particularly rich in the mineral Silica which is known for its strengthening action, providing structure and support to both skin and hair.

Cucumber Seed Oil also contains an unusually high level of phytosterols. Studies have found that phytosterols in plant oils applied to the skin stimulate collagen formation. Collagen is required for skin structure. As we age this is reduced in our skin causing it to wrinkle and thin. So with increased collagen formation, our skin will become stronger and in better condition, with the added youthful benefits of this anti ageing ingredient.

With a better skin structure, the tiny capillaries close to the surface of the skin that make us flush or have thread veins are also better supported within the skin and so less prone to damage and surfacing.


The exceptionally high level of phytosterols also have a powerful anti-inflammatory action, helping to calm the skin.

Highly moisturising

It is a highly moisturising and emollient oil, leaving our skin feeling softer and better conditioned.


  1. Facial Oil

You can use Cucumber Seed Oil by itself as a simple, lightweight but luxurious facial oil. My own sensitive skin has found it very calming. For the perfect ratio of Omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids for skin balance though, I recommend pairing it with another oil high in Omega 3’s. Look for something like Chia Seed or Sea Buckthorn Seed oils in the blend too. More info on Omega 3 oils in the next post. Sign up to receive free tips below to make sure you don’t miss it.

The ritual: Cleanse and rinse your face as usual. Apply facial oil immediately after rinsing while the skin is still plump and dewy with the water, as this helps to maintain moisture in the skin. With clean hands, lightly rub a couple of drops of oil between your palms and fingers. Gently smooth onto clean face and allow to sink into skin.

  1. Add a few drops to your own moisturiser base

If you have a regular moisturiser that suits your skin, try adding a few drops of Cucumber seed oil to it for extra nourishment. It is lightweight and dry with quick absorption so won’t make your moisturiser feel heavy.

  1. Hair oil

Any neat cumber seed oil left on your hands from the facial oil? Don’t wash off – just apply directly to the ends of your hair for a quick nourishing lift. It is both light weight and super strengthening.

A truly wonderful natural oil suitable for all skin types.

What is not to like? Enjoy, I certainly am!

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